5 Essential Great Dane Puppy Care Tips

A puppy is just like a human baby who needs to be nurtured and looked after with equal dedication and alertness. Great Dane puppy care should be on top of your mind if you have plans to adopt one. If you are not prepared for such dedication, do not bring home a puppy. Here are some essential tips to prepare yourself for a Great Dane puppy care and raise a true companion.

5 Essential Great Dane Puppy Care Tips

Can you expect babies to be well-behaved right out of the womb? If not, then you cannot expect the same from a Great Dane puppy. It takes time, dedication, and training to raise an obedient, gentle giant. If you have plans to make a new addition to your family, ask yourself if you are prepared to take up the responsibility to raise a happy, healthy puppy.

Great Dane Puppy Care: Start Training Early

Great Dane puppy care begins at home as soon as you welcome your new family member. Training the puppy is first on your list of things to care for.

Training must start early when you dream of raising a true companion. Puppy classes can be extremely useful for training Danes. However, before choosing a training program, you should try to explore their training methods and determine if it is a great fit for your pooch. Watch your puppy having fun during the training sessions while he gets an opportunity to learn social skills. You cannot expect a trainer to teach everything. You will need to take up the responsibility to teach household chores to your dog.

Great Dane Puppy Care: Be Patient With Potty Training

Potty training a puppy does not come easily. There are certain dos and don’ts that you should closely follow to potty train your dog. You need to give your new buddy some time to learn all about housebreaking. Untrained puppies can squat wherever they want and pee in an instant. Remember, until your puppy is four months old, his bladder is not fully mature to hold urine for a length of time. This means they will pee when they feel a strong urge to urinate.

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So, you should continue with your potty training and not feel upset if your puppy continues to have a few accidents here and there. Be patient, and your dog will mature out of it.

Great Dane Puppy Care: Regular Play Sessions

One of the tips to care for your Great Dane puppy is to engage them in regular play sessions and walks. Playtime provides the best kind of physical stimulation for your puppy. A tired puppy will fall asleep for some time, which will help in mental stimulation and recharge him. Buy him toys that challenge both his body and mind.

Great Dane Puppy Care: Offer Chew Toys

It is a mistake to think that your puppy will learn not to chew. It is a natural tendency for dogs to chew anything they feel comfortable. You can always give them plenty of options to chew on so that they are not inclined to chewing your furniture and other valuables. It is a good idea to offer them age-specific different textures, shapes, and sizes of chew toys. If you want your pooch to spend an adequate amount of time with toys and balls, the right way is to start early with this kind of training, so that they get into the habit.

Great Dane Puppy Care: Crate Training

Crate training is one of the top things on the Great Dane puppy care list. Start with creating a safe place for your pup where he feels at home. A crate is their own personal space to take a nap, sleep, rest, eat, or hide from thunderstorms. When you give him crate training, you are using his natural instincts as a den animal. Your puppy may take time to getting used to the crate, so you should not feel disappointed if he destroys any of your valuables when you are away. But when he does get familiarized with the crate, you can enjoy peace of mind with crating limiting his access to your belongings. Make sure he feels comfortable with the training process.

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With patience and practice, your puppy will learn that the crate is his own personal space and not a prison. Gradually, it will become his favorite space where he can rest, sleep, and feel secure.

One key aspect of Great Dane puppy care is to socialize him. Take him out everywhere – on road trips, in and around the town, for walks, and to the beach! This will help your puppy get used to the outside world and help him feel relaxed. They will not feel anxious when you take them out. It is a good idea to organize play dates to help them learn to socialize with other pups.

By following these tips to care for Great Dane puppy, you can train him to become the loving pooch that you want to own.

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