40 Amazing Great Dane Facts

Great Danes are incredible pets. Known for their immense prowess, these “gentle giants” are now devoid of their ferocious temperament that they were known to possess. The massive size makes a Great Dane a cynosure of all eyes. However, there are many amazing Great Dane facts for dog lovers than just the size and shape of these dogs.

An Incredible Pet: Great Dane Facts

Amazing Great Dane Facts: The Origin

  • The Great Dane is not a Dane, but a German. Its native name in Germany is Deutsche Dogge or German Mastiff. The German nobility created these powerful dogs in the 16th century to hunt wild boars.
  • Great Danes too have an English gene. It is believed that local German dogs were crossbred with big, muscular English dogs to create this breed that possesses ruthless strength and courage.
  • The breed combines the body and agility of Greyhounds, sturdiness of Mastiffs, and loftiness of Irish Wolfhounds.
  • You may see Great Dane images in the ancient Greek frescos. Many consider Great Danes as the continuation of the ancient super boarhounds.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: The Name

  • The name Dane looks odd for a dog of German origin. It came from a French naturalist, who named the giant breed as the Great Danes in 1755 after discovering images of such huge dogs on archeological symbols found in Denmark.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: The Recognition Timeline

  • In 1876, the Great Dane was recognized as the national dog of Germany.
  • The breed was acknowledged by the American Kennel Club in 1887.
  • In the United States, Great Danes are recognized as a large breed of dogs. In the United Kingdom, they are among the Giant class.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: The Shape, Size, Color

  • Due to their massive size, Great Danes are called the “Apollo of Dogs.”
  • The normal height of an adult Great Dane is 71 to 86 cm and weight may range between 50 and 90 kg. Giant George, the tallest-ever Great Dane, who lived between 2005 and 2013, was 43 inches (109.2 cm) tall and weighed 245 lb.
  • However, the Great Dane is not the tallest dog. They are second to the Irish Wolfhound.
  • You can see these giant dogs in 6 types of coats – Blue, mantle, black, brown, brindle, fawn, blue, harlequin. There are also bi-colored (black and white) dogs.
  • They grow fast and a small puppy turns to be 5 to 6 ft tall dog in just a year.
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Amazing Great Dane Facts: The Lifestyle

  • Although they have a great amount of energy, Great Danes are lazy. Your dog can spend the whole day sleeping on the couch.
  • Despite its giant size, Great Danes can adjust to living in apartments. However, for activities, they need a large open space so that you can save your household items from getting damaged.
  • These dogs are very adaptive and live in all types of environment, including cities and rural areas.
  • Great Danes are happy-go dogs and feel good to stay with the family.
  • The Great Dane exhibits strange behaviors – loves to lean on humans, sit on their laps, and stay physically close.
  • An ultra-sensitive dog, the Great Danes are prone to separation anxiety when left alone.
  • They cannot live in a dog house and may turn depressed, aggressive, or psychologically unstable.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: Temperament and Behavior

  • Great Danes are unmindful of their giant size and are emotionally sensitive.
  • Despite their boarhound lineage and hunter breed, Great Danes are perfect family dogs.
  • Although they are powerful enough to kill wild boars, these dogs are extremely gentle. However, they continue to have great strength, speed, and attacking ability.
  • Due to their sober and disciplined behavior, Great Danes are called gentle giants.
  • A Great Dane is friendly, patient, and soft hearted. You can trust him.
  • Great Danes are fearless, spirited, and dignified. They expect physical affection, love, and respect from the family.
  • These dogs are loyal and very obedient. However, they do not interact much with strangers.
  • A Great Dane does not use his massive strength unless challenged or put to test. He is also a great guard dog and uses his strength to protect his family and property.
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Amazing Great Dane Facts: Training

  • Easy to housetrain, Great Danes are an owner’s delight.
  • They learn fast and are quick to socialize.
  • However, these dogs refuse to respond to hard training methods.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: Health and Care

  • Great Danes have a reduced span of life. However, owners with health and other precautions can prolong the lives of these dogs.
  • It is easy to groom a Great Dane, as it has a short and dense coat. They don’t need regular brushing.
  • Always pay attention to the bone and joint disorders in your dog.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: Great Pets

  • Soft-hearted, these dogs are affectionate, loving, kid friendly, and pet friendly. Their ferocious and aggressive nature is a thing of the past.
  • These giant dogs get very well with small children and tolerate their mischief without any reaction.
  • Great Danes love to play with children and do not bark a lot or unnecessarily.

Amazing Great Dane Facts: Exercise, Food, and Nutrition

  • With a great deal of energy, a Great Dane loves to run, play, and do workouts. An adult dog needs about 2 hours of walk/ playtime every day to stay fit.
  • Despite their huge body, Great Danes are not voracious eaters. Each meal with 2 to 3 cups of dog food is more than enough to keep them feeling full. However, they have a slow metabolism, putting them at a risk of bloating when overfed.

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