Great Dane Grooming: Tips To Groom Your Giant Pet

The Great Dane does not need grooming too frequently despite its massive figure. All that owners have to do is occasional grooming once every few weeks. However, you must remain consistent with a Great Dane grooming schedule to keep the dog healthy, clean, happy, and good looking.

Like any member of your family, a pet too needs good care and grooming. You must groom your Great Dane every 4 to 6 weeks for his mental and physical well-being. Here are a few Great Dane grooming tips to help you in your dog care.

Great Dane Grooming Tips for Bathing

It is a challenge to bathe big dogs like Great Danes. However, the good news is that these dogs do not need frequent bathing. You may bathe your giant pet on “as needed” basis.

While bathing a Great Dane, you should be watchful of your dog’s behavior. He may try to run away and get injured unless he feels comfortable with your bathing method. Select a big area considering the size of a Great Dane. Have all supplies at the designated place prior to bathing. Make your dog stand and remain calm.

Brush the dog prior to bathing. Use a soft brush or even a rubber grooming mitt. Many dogs have a tendency to squirm a lot. You can take your Great Dane for a walk or exercise prior to the bath. With less energy, he may not be a nuisance while bathing.

Wet the dog from the neck downward and apply shampoo on his coat and belly. Use only a good quality dog shampoo, not those meant for humans. Rinse the coat multiple times to ensure there is no shampoo trace. Dry off your Great Dane using beach towels. Never use blow dryers.

There are many brands selling dry shampoos for dogs. You may use them during the winter. However, be attentive to the causes of skin irritation in your pet. Prevent water or shampoo from getting into Great Dane’s eyes, ears, or nose. Give toys to your pet and use a soothing voice to keep him calm while bathing. This makes him more amenable to grooming. You may take your Great Dane for swimming trips once a month.

Great Dane Grooming Tips for Brushing

Brushing is a great way to bond with your dog and an essential part of your Great Dane grooming routine. Great Danes love attachment with their owners and adore brushing when performed smoothly. Buy a soft bristle brush specifically made to care for a Great Dane coat. You may also use a rubber grooming mitt.

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Great Danes shed similar to other short-haired dogs. However, their giant size means you will have more dog hair on your carpet. Though shedding is visible at any time during the year, it may increase around spring. Severe shedding is a sign of skin or thyroid problem in your dog. Some color varieties of the breed may have dander or dry skin.

Follow the direction the coat grows while brushing to make your Great Dane feel relaxed with his grooming ritual. You may rub coat-smoothing and shining solutions on your dog if he is not allergic to them.

Great Dane Grooming Tips for Head and Face Care

You may have to take head and face care of your Great Dane more often than bathing the pet. After every trip to the nearest park or playground, wash his face. Even after meals, your dog needs a face wash.

Unlike humans, don’t use any solution or water to wash the face of your pet. Have a soft dog towel in your Great Dane grooming kit. Wet the towel and wipe the face of your dog at least twice a day.

Great Dane Grooming Tips for Eye and Ears

Check the eyes of your dog more frequently, maybe once every 2-3 days. A clear eye is an indication of good health of your Great Dane. Make sure there is no infection in the eyes. You may see mucus buildup in the eyes of your pet every few days. It is perfectly normal and tends to become prominent when you take your dog to road trips. Clean the eye corners using a soft cloth. However, if there is continued watery discharge from your dog’s eyes, contact your vet.

Ear care must be an important part of your Great Dane grooming ritual. Wrap your forefinger with a soft cotton cloth and clean your dog’s ears at least once every week. Ensure there is no moisture retention of infection in his ears. Massage the ear canal using your thumb. Avoid using cotton balls or ear buds, as these can damage your Great Dane’s ears.

Great Dane Grooming Tips for Teeth and Gums

Due to Great Den’s bigger mouth, it is easier to care for his teeth and gums. You can see the teeth of your dog clearly and spot any type of cavity development without any obstruction. Always pay attention to the signs of tartar or food built up and bleeding from gums.

It is not easy to make a dog amenable to teeth care unless you start it when he is a puppy. However, in the case of a Great Dane, such grooming tactics are fairly easy, as the dog is very understanding. Brush teeth at least once a week using a dog toothbrush.

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Great Dane Grooming Tips for Feet, Paws, and Nail Care

You need to take good care of your Great Dane’s feet, paws, and nails. The massive physique of the dog means its feet have to bear a lot of pressure. Unless you keep the feet well groomed and injury free, it may impact the movement of the dog. Lack of activity may result in a host of problems for this heavyweight dog and for you too.

Regularly check paws of your Great Dane for any injuries. Be attentive to cuts and split toenails. Treat wounds and never let them remain exposed. Keep them clean and free from any infection.

Ensure the nails of your dog remain trimmed. Ingrown nails may cause pain, discouraging your dog to walk. However, be extra careful while trimming the nails, as it may lead to an injury to adjacent veins. Every nail has a hook and veins are located just below the hooks. It is important to trim the nails only when your dog is calm. It is desirable that you take your dog to a professional grooming expert for nail trimming or learn the art from him.

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