Great Dane Needs: Caring for a Dane

The Great Dane needs are unsurprisingly greater than a pooch of a smaller size, since the “Apollo of dogs” is one of the largest dog breeds.

The Great Dane size factor is no factor to dismiss this marvel among canines, who is no less than a traffic stopper and jaw dropper. Perhaps he is a conversation starter wherever he goes, thanks to his massive size. Caring for a pet requires food, shelter, water, and grooming. Of course, you cannot ignore veterinary care.

How Big Is A Great Dane?

If you think living in an apartment is a hindrance to owning a Great Dane, you are seriously wrong. No doubt, Danes require open space, but you should not rule out a Dane even if you live in an apartment. Wondering how?

Well, since they are not active dogs, they can fit in well in apartments and do quite well there.

Great Dane Needs for Food

With great size comes greater care and increased expenses. You already know that the Danes are big dogs and thus they have greater nutritional needs. Unless you are careful with your Dane diet, you could inadvertently kill him. The reason is their vulnerability to gastric torsion or bloating, which is the number one killer of the Great Dane. This means you have got to be careful with what they eat and when because the Great Dane health concerns are greater than most other breeds.

They are most at risk of certain health concerns. To help prevent bloat, it is better to feed your pooch several times a day, choosing smaller meals rather than one big meal at one feeding. This is one of the most important Great Dane care tips to keep your canine healthy and hearty.

  • When caring for a Great Dane, do not allow him to become chubby.
  • Carefully watch big-boned puppies of the breed to make sure they stay lean when growing.
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It is important to keep a check on their weight, as more pounds could mean more pressure on joints. Since they have a rapidly growing skeletal structure, it can blow their joints and cause disintegration or malformation of joints.

Great Dane Needs for Training

If you love these gentle giants, you will find that Danes aren’t the easiest pets to train. Remember, they must be trained well, as a big untrained dog can cause serious problems. Because of his sheer size, the Great Dane can be a cause for concern for strangers, especially those who are afraid of big dogs. Although the Great Dane needs training for outsiders, he is very protective of human companions.

Unfortunately, his sheer size can be a cause for concern sometimes, as he can seriously injure someone if he is not trained to be friendly. When he starts barking, he may be hard to stop.

Because of his huge structure, he requires training to nip any potential problems in the bud.

Great Dane Need for Exercise

If you own other dog breeds, you already know that pets need regular workouts to keep them fit and healthy. But when it comes to the care of Great Dane, this breed requires less exercise than most other dog breeds.

All that your Great Dane needs is a gentle exercise or a walk a couple of times every day. It is a good idea to let him run around in the backyard. No strenuous exercise for a Dane unless he turns 2. This is the time his bones will mature and can accompany you on long hikes or jog.

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Daily walks are ideal workouts for the Great Danes that offer the benefits of socialization, mental stimulation, and fitness. Jogging with a Dane is the best way to work out the gentle giant, allowing him to walk at a natural aerobic pace.

Avoid exercising him close to his feeding time, as there is a high risk of bloating.

Your rested Dane has more energy compared to a dog that has had outdoor access. Overworking a young Dane can often have adverse effects on the growth of his hip joints. As a Great Dane owner, you would do well to keep your Dane active during this stage while ensuring they do not overwork their muscles and joints, which could hurt them.

Keep your boy healthy, active, and playful with minimal workouts recommended for the best Great Dane care regimen.

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