Great Dane Personality Traits: The Inside Story

There is more to the Great Dane than his impressive figure. What sets the bumbling giant apart from other dog breeds is his lovable, friendly nature, which makes him a perfect addition to families with kids. The Great Dane personality traits will leave you surprised, especially if you are mistaking him for his strikingly huge body built. Hiding in their mammoth structure is a little, lovable dog mentality that wants to fall in love with their human companions.

No doubt, they are the tallest dogs on the planet, but they are every family’s favorite, thanks to their unique personality traits. Friendly, affectionate, and lovable, the Great Dane loves to be close to their human friends. Despite their big Great Dane personality, they want to stand with their paws on your shoes, jump into your lap, and lean against you.

Great Dane Traits: Big Appetite, Small Workout

Their massive structure tells you that the robust breed consumes huge quantities of food. Since the impulsive Great Dane temperament and huge body make them gobblers, they need to work out to avoid serious health issues. Or you’ll need to divide their diet into small portions, so they do not gobble up everything in one go. If they do, their slower metabolism can cause serious health problems.

They’re an inherently playful dog breed, and interaction is vital so that you can build a lasting relationship with one of the best human companions ever.

Obedience training with cheerful methods is a must for the Great Danes, who are sensitive and can be bossy if undisciplined. Harshness will only confuse and make them distrustful.

Great Dane Personality and Physical Traits

Deriving his name from Apollo – the Greek God of unparalleled beauty, Great Dane is your favorite companion who is happy to live as an indoor pet. The docile, intelligent, and friendly dog, with six sleek coat colors, is loved for his beauty, affability, and towering personality.

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If you love the Great Dane personality and have adequate room for this gentle giant, they might just be the best dog breed for you, who will steal the hearts of pet lovers in an instant.

An easygoing, gentle giant, and mild-mannered personality, Great Dane is a sociable breed that hates being left alone. The highly sociable dog breed needs companionship and does not appreciate separation. If you leave them alone for too long, they may feel neglected and suffer anxiety symptoms.

Friendly Great Dane Temperament

They are usually friendly with everyone, including other pets, but some members of the breed may be standoffish.

Irrespective of their well-mannered nature, Great Dane personality traits make them a threat to be left unsupervised with tiny tots. Though they are happy in the company of friendly kids, Great Dane should be carefully watched in the company of young children, especially those who are naughty. Teach your kids the best way to interact with a Dane and show respect to their pooch.

Their deep, resounding voice is another Great Dane personality trait that will announce the arrival of visitors. Their mammoth figure is enough of deterrence for strangers. If left alone for too long, they will not be too happy about it and may announce their anxiety by barking incessantly.

Playful Temperament Traits

The Great Dane temperament is gentle and never too aggressive. Due to their towering figure and dominant personality, a Great Dane is often mistaken for being an aggressive breed. However, the reality is just the opposite. The dog is normally plyaful, joyous, and non-aggressive.

Furthermore, make your Dane a gentle ambassador of this massive dog breed and never encourage him to be overly protective or aggressive. They may end up terrifying people who are afraid of large dogs. As a Great Dane owner, you should always keep your pooch under complete control in public, reflecting their gentle, affectionate, and loving nature.

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Young Danes exhibit endearing expression of sheer joy when they are happy by jumping, leaping, spinning, and galloping. They are a treat to watch.

Another Great Dane personality trait is that they are truly house dogs and hardly require much exercise. They are prone to hip and joint disorders. Therefore, they should not be involved in high-intensity workouts, such as jogging or running. A regular walking regimen with their family favorite is all they need to stay fit and healthy. However, they have a small lifespan of 6-10 years.

Danes enjoy the company of their human companions and pet-friendly animals and do not thrive when left alone or kenneled. Perhaps they do require a securely fenced yard for playtime and take an active part in family fun activities.

Learn it all about the Great Dane personality traits, and you will find them the best dog breed to own.

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