Interesting Facts About Great Dane

Are you planning on welcoming a Great Dane in your home? You have made the right decision to own a gentle giant, who promises to be a loyal, affectionate companion to you, your kids, and dog-friendly pets. Now that you have decided to own a pooch, here are some of the interesting facts about Great Dane that would interest you.

Facts About Great Dane

Perhaps you are not aware of some of the coolest facts about a Dane, which cast a shadow over most other dog breeds.

What’s in the Name

Also dubbed as the gentle giant, the Great Dane’s name is sure to draw your attention toward Denmark. But you may be surprised to know about this interesting fact about Great Dane that these dogs do not belong to Denmark, but Germany.

The name came up incidentally when Georges-Louis Leclerc, a French naturalist,  came across the breed while traveling in Denmark and referred to the huge dog as “le Grande Danois,” transliterated in English as Great Dane.

Height is a Key Trait

Everyone knows the Great Dane as giant dogs. But do you know that they are not the tallest breed? Irish Wolfhounds have earned the reputation as the tallest dog breed. However, one of the members of the Great Dane breed has been registered in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Record as the tallest dog.

This interesting fact about Great Dane takes you to the Michigan-based Zeus, who is a proud member of the breed and has got the distinction of being the tallest on the planet, with a height of about 44 inches. Zeus succumbed to the “symptoms of old age” when he was 5.

Size, Weight, and Color

Do you know your male Dane is slightly taller than his female counterparts? Male Danes are at least 30 inches tall, while female members of the breed are about 28 inches.

If you think their huge size makes them arrogant, you are supposedly wrong. Their strong profiles and square heads do not make them an overly aggressive dog breed. The Danes are a highly affectionate breed. If bred and trained well, they make a graceful addition to your family.

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The gentle giants come in an array of colors, including blue, black, brown, and pale yellow-brown. You will also find bi-colored Danes in black and white.

When Danes are born, the dogs of this breed weigh one or two pounds. But an interesting fact about Great Dane is that half a year after their birth, they weigh about 100 pounds. Not only this, they continue to grow until two or three years of age.

More Interesting Facts About Great Dane

Perhaps you have heard of dogs sniffing a bomb, but have you seen or known of a pooch diffusing one? Well, if this piece of news comes to you as a surprise, then read further.

A Great Dane, Juliana, has won an award for having diffused a bomb accidently that fell on her house. The Great Dane peed on it and the bomb was diffused. She was awarded a medal again for having alerted the authorities of a fire that had caught her owner’s shop.

The Naval Great Dane

You have probably heard of dogs joining the armed forces, but what about one joining the esteemed navy? Well, this interesting fact about Great Dane tells you about Just Nuisance, who is the only dog thus far to have been officially enlisted in the Navy.

The canine gave the sailors company, though he never went to sea. He has even appeared at many promotional events.

After his death, he was buried with full naval honors.

They Were Hunters First

One important fact about the breed is that they were initially developed as fiery hunters, who could hunt large prey, fight wars, and guard their master’s property. However, the story is different now. The Danes of today are bred to be calm and friendly.

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Is Scooby Doo a Dane?

You may be surprised to know that the popular Scooby doo is a Great Dane. Another interesting fact about Great Dane is that despite their huge body, they are lap dogs. They are highly lovable and affectionate and want to lounge with their humans.

Your lap is their favorite place to relax.

Interesting Fact about Great Dane: They Live Wherever!

Despite their huge size, the Great Dane are well-suited to live everywhere, including in apartments. Since they do not need much exercise nor bark much, they are the perfect choice for families with dog-friendly kids, though they do not like to live in isolation.

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