Spoiled Great Dane Wants Some Lovin’ Too

Photo from Ron Cameron

What happens when you spoil your Great Dane too much? It could mean you are not allowed to pet other dogs. Just ask Dinky’s parents.

In this hilarious video, Dinky’s dad is giving his brother Ro-Ro some loving moments. But Dinky is clearly not happy with it. He tries to get his dad’s attention by grumbling and complaining, even attempting to take Ro-Ro’s spot. Unfortunately, his dad keeps reminding him to wait for his turn. Initially, Dinky obliges and settles on the couch. But after a few seconds, he gets up again and complains.

This video clearly shows how much our Great Danes love affection. They will not stop whining until they get our attention. So this is a reminder for you to take some time off today to reward your Dane with a lot of love and maybe with a treat.

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